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Flymo Easimo And Mini Trim Twin Pack


The Flymo Easimo 900W and Mini Trim Pack is powerful, affordable combination of products and an essential addition to your new home.
After years of saving, you have finally taken the big step and moved into your first home, your first big time responsibility begins now! Maintaining the cleanliness of your house can become a chore, and with the weather finally warming up, the sun staying out longer, your new house and lawn is the place to get to know your surroundings and an opportunity to have your friends and family over.

For new homeowners, the last thing you want, is the stress of spending endless amounts of money on new lawn equipment, whilst also having to purchase expensive furniture and ornaments to match the new décor.

There is nothing worse than struggling to manoeuvre a lawnmower that’s simply too heavy for you. Luckily, Flymo mowers are built to be lightweight and the Easimo is no exception, making it the perfect tool to start your daily gardening tasks. Weighing under 10 kg - with three adjustable height settings, the Flymo Easimo Rotary Mower combined with the Mini Trim are easily accessible devices for gardeners looking to quickly neaten up the lawn before hosting the best summer BBQ in your area.

The unspoken competition throughout neighbourhoods on who has the most impressive lawn, often makes it important to own the perfect tools. Keeping your garden in great condition can be a confidence booster, as you find more and more people suggesting summer evening drinks in your garden. This is exactly why the Easimo Rotary Mower is a shrewd purchase, especially for new homeowners, whilst the Mini Trim provides a quick and easy way to whip round the garden trimming whatever is left.

Say goodbye to your mower slowing you down; with its lightweight body and wheels, the Easimo glides through the glass with ease. The 10 metre cable enables the lawnmower to reach all areas of your lawn. There can be no more complaints that gardening takes too long, the Easimo and Mini Trim Pack speeds up the process leaving you plenty of time to enjoy your new home.
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