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Grouts & Fillers

Polycell 3 in 1 Mould Killer 500ml
Polycell Mould Killer contains a powerful fungicide which kills and removes mould. It totally prevents re-growth in one single application. Ideal for prepari...
Polycell Plaster Repair Polyfilla – Ready Mixed 2.5L
Polycell Plaster Repair Ready Mixed Polyfilla is specially formulated to be much easier to apply and smooth out than ordinary plaster. It is ready mixed with...
Polycell Deep Gap Polyfilla 1L
Polycell Deep Gap Polyfilla is the easy way to fill deeper holes, up to 20mm, in one application. Easy to sand for a smooth finish. Fills holes up to 20mm a...
Rustins Plastic Wood Filler 30g - Oak
Rustins Plastic Wood TubeWaterproof and suitable for interior and exterior applicationsCan be cut, filed, drilled, sanded and planedCan be painted, stained o...
Polycell Expanding Foam Polyfilla 300ml
Expanding Foam Polyfilla is ideal for filling and sealing awkward gaps, hollows and cavities. It shoots liquid foam deep into cavities, creating a long lasti...
Polycell Crack-Free Ceilings Smooth Silk 2.5L
Polycell Crack-Free Ceilings is a great way to restore cracked ceilings to a smooth ‘good as new’ finish. It’s flexible paint formulation uses Polyfilla tech...
Rustins Plastic Wood Filler 30g - Teak
Rustins Plastic Wood TubeWaterproof And Suitable For Interior And Exterior ApplicationsCan Be Cut, Filed, Drilled, Sanded And PlanedCan Be Painted, Stained O...
Polycell Sealant Strip For Kitchen & Bathrooms 41MM White
Polycell Sealant is a great way to cover imperfections. The strip is flexible, can easily be wiped clean and is a perfect alternative to gun and tube sealant...
Polycell 3 in 1 Basecoat 2.5L
Polycell BaseCoat is a unique undercoat for walls that completely covers all common wall imperfections in one easily applied coat. Containing Polyfilla techn...
Polycell One Coat Stain Stop 1L
Polycell Stain Stop is a highly pigmented paint which permanently prevents stains reappearing through paint. It provides one coat coverage over water stains,...
Polycell Tile Fix & Grout Tube 330g
The Polycell PLCFNG330GS Fix & Grout is brilliant white, has a waterproof finish and can be used straight from the tube. It is ideal for tiling repairs...
Polycell Quick Set Cement Polyfilla 2kg
Polycell Quick Set Cement Polyfilla is a quick way to repair any masonry surface. Ideal for resetting bolts and brackets and it sets underwater making it per...
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