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Gravels, Grits & Sands

Vitax Lime Free Washed Gravel Approx. 20kg Bag
Lime-free washed gravelThere are many types of gravel to choose from, but Vitax’s Gravel is horticultural grade and hardwearing.Gravel is versatile and great...
Vitax Lime Free Horticultural Grade Silver Sand Large 20kg Bag
Lime-free horticultural grade sandSilver Sand is a favourite amongst gardeners as it provides countless options for use in and around the garden.Lime-free, i...
Vitax Lime Free Washed Horticultural Potting Grit 20kg Bag
Lime-free washed gritA fully versatile product, Horticultural Potting Grit is lime-free and can be used throughout the garden.Horticultural Potting Grit:Prov...
Vitax Horticultural Grade Washed Sharp Sand Large 20kg Bag
Horticultural grade washed sandSharp Sand has a multitude of uses in and around the garden.Versatile, it can be used for laying paving and patio slabs, or mi...
Vitax Horticultural Coarse Grit 20kg Bag
Coarse Grit is a true staple for many gardens and is multi-functional. Lime free, Vitax’s Coarse Grit has been washed and is of horticultural standard.A stap...
Vitax Play Sand Large Approx. 20kg Bag
A fine sand for outdoor playEvery household, school or nursery knows the important role sand has when playing outside, which is why Play Sand has been specia...