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Ronseal 5L One Coat Fence Life Quick Dry Shed & Fence Paint - Dark Oak



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Just one coat will protect your shed or fence from rain and prevent it greying in the sun. Despite the name, One Coat Fence Life can be used on any rough sawn wood so it’s suitable for sheds too. Available in a range of colours, it protects and colours your wood, keeping it looking great.

100% showerproof in one hour
Keeps its colour for up to two years
Protects your wood from greying
Can be brushed or sprayed
Comes in a range of natural colours

How to paint your fence

Before you start
You can’t use this stain on decking, garden furniture or other smooth planed wood. We have other products to help you with that.

Cold wet weather stops the stain from drying and could wash it off. So make sure it’s a warm day with the temperature above 10°C and no rain is forecast.

The wood needs to be clean and dry so the stain can soak in properly. To clean the wood, use a stiff brush to get rid of any dirt.

If you want to cover up a bright, strong or contrasting colour, you’ll need to use extra coats. This stain is safe to use around plants and pets.

You can either brush or spray your stain.


Get lots of stain on your brush and apply a thick coat to your wood but don’t spread it too far.
After one hour, it will be 100% showerproof. It takes 4 hours to dry fully.
If your wood is weathered, you may need to apply a second coat. After the first coat has dried, review it to see if you need a second one.

Pour the liquid into the tank.
Pump it up or turn it on and start spraying. Use long, sweeping, horizontal arm movements for an even finish.
Move along the full width of the fence panel, drop down and repeat the process. Overlap each pass by 50% for even coverage.

Regularly inspect your wood for signs of damage. If you notice any, just apply another coat of the stain to protect the wood.


Remove as much stain off your brush as possible and then clean them in warm soapy water.

You should never pour the leftover stain down drains or watercourses. Instead, contact your local council for ways to safely dispose of it.
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